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Freelance Business Consultant and Business Plan Writer, Nitin Bharara, is based in Delhi, India. He is offering business consultancy and writing

services internationally, since 2007.


Nitin Bharara specializes in business consultation and in the creation of online and offline publicity, corporate, marketing & techno-commercial

communications. His educational qualification and professional experience in engineering, computers, international business management, project

management, and copy-writing enable him to write and create intriguing techno-commercial documents.


Whether you are an independent entrepreneur, a startup or an existing business, you can rely on Nitin Bharara for practical business advice. His sound business acumen saves you a lot of time, money and effort and helps you focus on your core business. With his experience and wisdom he can easily transform your entire ‘HOWs’ in to ‘WOWs’.


Whether you need a business feasibility report, a business plan, a company profile, a product brochure, a catalog, a press release, a comprehensive media kit, web content, project management plan / report or an annual report, you can count on Nitin Bharara to deliver Informative, Impactful & Ingenious copy immediately.


Also his passion for poetry permeates his pen resulting in sometimes poignant and sometimes punning creations on paper. He has mastered the art of weaving wit and wisdom with words.


Being a highly versatile professional freelance writer, Nitin Bharara writes with flair on a wide range of topics and genres. His writing range extends from business to beauty, from shopping to spirituality, from technology to tourism, and from pros to poetry. If you have the thoughts, he has the words. If you have the words, he has the thoughts to make them more effective.


Fast, professional, original, competitively priced and a delight to work with, Nitin Bharara has provided business consultancy & writing services to a host of businesses and individuals from around the world.


He gives words to your thoughts. He also puts thoughts in to your words.


Contact him today to give wings to your business ideas and words to your personal thoughts.


Nitin Bharara


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